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The mission of AB Industrial supplies is to become a Leading diversified multi-platform industrial Trading Company, world class marketer of various Industrial Products such as AODD pump, Safety Valves (safety solution for diesel engines), Conveyor systems, Conveyor components and Gear motors, Conveyor belts for various operations like Power Transmission, Timing belts, Profile belts, Tabletop, Modular chains for food, beverage, packaging, carton, Airport Industries etc.

To manage products that meet individual customer needs, provide superior growth, and command sustainable competitive advantage in their respective fields and provide comprehensive state-of-the art Industrial solutions and services to clients, which are customized and designed to meet their needs and committed to quality results.

  Continuously strive for the best products and services.
Deliver quality products and services on time.
Continuously improve the quality of services to achieve high customer satisfaction.
Foster an environment that enable us to become an employer of choice.



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